Miller repeats as KRC winner.

by:Admin - 4/24/2017
In the 25-lap make-up 2016 RaceSaver Challenge for IMCA 305 sprint cars, Jeff Miller of Huntingdon became the first driver to repeat in the history of the event, dating back to its inception in 2012.

Polesitter Ken Duke Jr. would lead the first 11 laps of the 25-lap Keystone RaceSaver Challenge for 305 sprints before surrendering to Jeff Miller.

Miller started sixth in the main and followed Duke, Zach Newlin and Scott Ellerman for the first nine laps before beginning his march through the top three.

After getting around Ellerman for third with 15 laps to go, he made a sweeping two-car pass of Newlin and Duke to move into the lead with 13 laps to go and then checked out on the field for the victory, worth $1,000.

Following Miller across the line for second, 4.502 seconds behind, was Duke with Ellerman finishing third followed by Newlin and Kyle Ganoe.

Sixth through 10th went to Mark Watkins, Tim Tanner, Dave Brown Jr., Dave Grube and Dylan Shatzer.

Heats went to Ganoe, Tyler Reeser, Miller and Grube with Cale Reigle taking the consolation race.

Fast time was set by Miller with a lap of 17.840 seconds.

Kassidy Kreitz won the eight lap non-qualifiers Founderís Cup race for the IMCA 305 sprints, earning a guaranteed starting spot in the upcoming 2017 RaceSaver Challenge in October.

sprints, 25 laps: 1. Jeff Miller, 2. Ken Duke Jr., 3. Scott Ellerman, 4. Zach Newlin, 5. Kyle Ganoe, 6. Mark Watkins, 7. Tim Tanner, 8. Dave Brown Jr., 9. Dave Grube, 10. Dylan Shatzer, 11. Jon Haegele, 12. Rick Steif, 13. Stephanie Dodson, 14. Colby Dice, 15. Mike Schuckers, 16. Darren Miller, 17. Dale Reigle, 18. Austin Bishop, 19. Bradley Mellott, 20. Dave Graver, 21. Tyler Reeser, 22. Jaremi Hanson, 23. Ron Aurand, 24. Scott Lutz

Founders Cup: Kassidy Kreitz, Erin Statler, Neil Petock, Bobby Scherff, Mike Alleman, Joey Kay, Fred Arnold, Drew Ritchey, Mike Kiser, Brendon Poff, Matthew Kline

Saturday Itinerary

by:Admin - 4/19/2017
12:00RaceSaver teams can park in pits (must exit at 3pm)
3:00 Gates open , registration open.

4:45 registration closes
5:00 drivers meeting at 5pm in the pit bleachers
5:15 Sprint Car Engine Starts
5:30 410 Sprint Car Hot Laps
5:40 305 Sprint Car Group Time Trials & Scale
6:00 Opening Ceremonies (Race To Cure Cancer

410 Sprint Car Heats (8-laps)
305 Sprint Car Heats (8-laps)
xTreme Stock Hot Laps
410 Sprint Car B-Main if necessary 305 Sprint Car B-Main
410 Sprint Car A-Main (25-laps) 305 Sprint Car A-Main (25-laps)

305 Sprint Car Founderís Cup (15-laps) (if 40+ cars) xTreme Stock A-Main (15-laps)

FEATURE WINNERS to the stage, 2nd and 3rd to the front stretch

Driver Radio Frequency: 454.000

Purse: 1. $1,000, 2. $700, 3. $500, 4. $400, 5. $350, 6. $325, 7. $320, 8. $310 Positions 9-24: $300

Keystone Racesaver Challenge registration

by:Admin - 4/18/2017
We've had some questions about registration for the Keystone RaceSaver Challenge this week.

This race has always used a pre-registration and has normally been run late in the season, due to the rain out we've altered the program slightly, we encourage teams to visit the race page by using the link on our website for full details but here is the abbreviated version.

There is no fee to pull a pill or pre-register. We did this to streamline things saturday as we are running as part of (basically) a regular saturday event. This is an interregional race which means that all RaceSaver/IMCA teams are welcome to race we strongly encourage teams to pre-register so we know they are coming and so we have some assurance you have reviewed the details.

We will handicap rookies (from any region) and normal handicapping is in place for teams that also run other divisions (which is also normal for this race) If you've participated in unsanctioned races you should definitely let us know. Absolutely no double duty.

Basically if you run exclusively RaceSaver and you're not a rookie you are not handicapped if you meet this criteria yo don't need to register but it would be great to know you are coming. If you've never run with PASS or you are involved with anything else it's best you register to clarify any possible handicapping.

You MUST have an IMCA license, if you don't have that done we can handle it for you Saturday. You must have a Hard Card (or verification you have one coming)

Finally, YES this is a points race. We run under the best 20 of your first 40 in PASS and this is another opportunity for our teams to get one of their 20 races in. We also report points to IMCA for rookie, state and national points etc as we do with every race during the points season.

if you have questions please reach out this week .

Past Winners

2012 - Sean Campbell
2013 - Jake Waters
2014 - Jeff Geiges
2015 - Jeff Miller Jr.

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