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$50 to draw a pill or $25 if they have pre-registered on-line. (registration fee is deducted from pay)
Transponder fee of $10 $5 for a holder (will be deducted from pay)
Track mails checks

FEATURE WINNERS to the stage, 2nd and 3rd to the front stretch
Driver Radio Frequency: 454.000

    Volunteer - Task
Friday night after 5:30 (ish)

Camping available contact the track
We'll check with the track about dropping trailers for those who are camping

we all go out for dinner sometime so contact Rod if you want to join in

Rod We will be at the track by 6pm and are camping overnight. jake will be meeting with us to prep SWAG and contingency
11am Teams can arrive and park your trailer, please see Rod or a PASS volunteer for available parking locations.
Once parked you can get your car ready and go through tech starting at noon
you'll need to exit at 2pm to pay
Rod (and 36 crew) will be organizing, decorating and preparing all morning on site (we'll leave for breakfast)
2pm Gates open (all people exit to buy pit pass)  
12:00 - 3:30

12:00 - 3:30 RaceSaver Tech takes place

  • Teams need to bring the cars to the tech area near the pit shack for tech
  • Please bring with the hood off, no need to loosten or remove anything else unless you want to pre-tech your engine we will have all tools available.
  • Please have your hard card
  • Once tech is done you will receive your t-shirt and SWAG bag if pre registered

Dave, Harris, ??

Need tech tools

2:00 - 3:30

Driver Registration

  • Please bring your transponder
  • If you haven't raced a PASS event in 2017 please bring your IMCA card
    if you have not raced at Port Royal this year you MUST fill out a tax form you can download HERE
  • We will have some fan stuff for you to sign
?? - we'll need to check paperwork and probably have drivers sign some stuff

Drivers Meeting (Registration CLOSES)

  • Please do NOT be late
  • We have plenty of things to cover and lots of people to thank
  • Please wear your uniform for a group photo and be ready for engine starts immediately following the meeting
? - get a group photo
3:50 Stock Car Driver’s Meeting on the pit bleachers  
4:00 Sprint Car Engine Starts rod - ? Make sure teams get out
4:20 Limited Late Model Hot Laps rod - ? get teams lined up for group TT
4:30 IMCA Sprint Car Group Time Trials ?? Need someone inside at scales and need to line up a photographer to take photo of all teams in infield?? if possibe
5:00 xTreme Stock Hot Laps
4‐Cylinder Hot Laps
5:10 Opening ceremonies  
5:15 RaceSaver Heats (8 laps) ?-? need help to make sure cars are ready in staging area
  Limited Late Model Heats (8‐laps)  
  Racesaver B-mains ? -? need help to make sure cars are ready in staging area
  xTreme Stock Heats (4‐laps)
4‐Cylinder Heats (4‐laps)

? need someone to get drivers in A main to sign balls to throw into the stands for the TV

Redraw and throw balls to fans

  A-main - 25 laps 4 wide parade lap, Jake will announce line up and ask fans to raise their hand if they have the football of the driver being called. this way fans around them will know who could win the TV

? make sure TV and VL signs are in place for VL

rod - After A-main we will need to give bonus amounts to track

  Limited Late Model A‐Main (20‐laps) Jake ? - Hand out finishing contingency awards
  Founders Cup race Rod - Christi Trophy cup in place for VL
  xTreme Stock A‐Main (20‐laps)
4‐Cylinder A‐Main (15‐laps)