Reeser Wins at Williams Grove

by: Track Web site - 5/30/2016
Donnie Hendershot led the first lap of the 305 sprint main before Tyler Reeser took over after a close race back to the line.

Reeser had just seen Colby Dice drive into second when the red flag appeared on the fourth lap for a second turn flip by Zach Newlin.

Dice challenged Reeser briefly when action resumed but Reeser was up to the challenge, opening up a near straightaway advantage at points to pick up the win.

Dice rode home second followed by Jaremi Hanson, Ken Duke and John Martin.

Sixth through 10th went to Stephanie Dodson, Kyle Ganoe, John Barnett, Cale Reigle and Scott Lutz.

John Barnett was the Wee Bee Audio and Video Hard Charger in the event, finishing eighth after starting 22nd in the feature.

Heats went to Reeser, Hendershot and Hanson.

1. Tyler Reeser, 2. Colby Dice, 3. Jaremi Hanson, 4. Ken Duke, 5. John Martin, 6. Stephanie Dodson, 7. Kyle Ganoe, 8. John Barnett, 9. Cale Reigle, 10. Scott Lutz, 11. Drew Ritchie, 12. Scott Ellerman, 13. Dave Grube, 14. Geoff Gill, 15. Dave Brown, 16. Ian Detweiller, 17. Mike Alleman, 18. Kirsten Hess, 19. John Haegele, 20. Donnie Hendershot, 21. Erin Statler, 22. John Fiore, 23. John Bordlemay, 24. Zach Newlin,

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Sponsor opportunities

by: Admin - 5/27/2016
PASS is looking for sponsors on our newly revamped web page. Your business can benefit from the fact that we visit all of the most popular tracks in central PA and get exposure to their regular fans. Additionally our social media is extremely popular with over 3000 followers with tons inf interaction.

100% of your funds are distributed to the teams via IMCA. Contact to find out rates and information.
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Holiday weekend brings hope for good weather

by: Admin - 5/25/2016
The 2016 season has had plenty of clouds and rain but the weather looks hopeful for the Holiday weekend. PASS will be at Williams Grove on Friday night for the second time this season. Jim Stannard from IMCA will be making the trip from Iowa to cross Williams Grove off of his bucket list.

PASS left the rest of the holiday weekend open to give teams an opportunity to travel to Bedford for a first ever inter regional race for Laurel Highlands. A good car count is expected for both races as teams are anxious to get back on the track.

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