Kun Duke looks to improve one spot

by: Admin - 2/10/2016
Ken Duke Will look to improve is standing by one spot in 2016. Duke recently posted his schedule which is quite busy as Duke looks to improve his runner-up spot in 2016. Ken has claimed the track title the past 2 years at Clinton county and picked up the hardware Saturday night topping off a weekend birthday celebration, Duke is also a Denver Broncos fan so their win Sunday made the weekend extra special.

You can see Kens entire schedule as well as team info and history in our teams/standings section.

Hadan, Stannard meet with teams

by: Admin - 2/8/2016
Roger Hadan the new owner of RaceSaver(R) and Jim Stannard the Vice President of operations at IMCA visited with teams Saturday at Racing Xtravaganza in York PA the pair outlined their particular positions and what their responsibilities to teams. Hadan spoke of an upcoming launch of a brand new RaceSaver(R) web site and some other information we'll make available to teams prior to the official reveal by RaceSaver(R).

Friday night Hadan and Stannard were treated to a guided tour of the Eastern museum of motorsports by Lynn Paxton along with volunteers from the series. PASS would like to thank Mr. Paxton for an unforgettable tour and we encourage anyone that enjoys anything with wheels to visit EMMR.

Saturday they participated in a seminar as well as question and answer session and continued meeting with teams after the seminar. Our sincere thanks to Roger and Jim for making the trip and meeting with teams.

Ron Aurand building on 2015 success

by: Admin - 2/5/2016
Ron Aurand Picked up his first ever win in 2015 at Bedford speedway. Aurand looks to build on that success in 2016 and has submitted his schedule. Ron will certainly have his eye on the Inter regional at Bedford this season along with other Laurel Highlands dates as well.

Check out his whole team and schedule in the Teams/Standings section

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