40 cars Pack Port Royal for Beer Hill Cup race 2

by: Admin - 4/23/2018
It was Beer Hill Cup race 2 Saturday night and only 26 cars were expected as cold temperatures have kept recreational racers in the garage until Saturday night, when things warmed up. 40 cars were on hand for Alan Kumpf Benefit night with PASS. Kumpf ran the number 40 which matched the unexpected car count Saturday. Many PASS teams made their first start of the season and Western PA racers eager to get started traveled to the Speed Palace.

A total of $821 was raised for Kumpf who was a part time racer for more than a decade with PASS. Kumpf Passed away recently at the age of 37 and is survived by a wife and 3 children. It was an impressive amount of generosity from the racing community once again for a driver that many people may have never met.

Four qualifying events were needed, and Austin Bishop drew the pole position after earning the draw in his heat race, unfortunately for the second race in a row at Port Royal Bishop was unable start when the teams came to the grid. Kassidy Kreitz suffered the same fate just 2 weeks before. Bishop was the leader of the Beer Hill Cup points going into the evening.

Dylan Shatzer ran a brilliant race in the middle groove while other ran the high side. Shatzer led the first four laps when Christian Rumsey took over the lead. Kyle Smith moved into position and was able to take over the lead on a lap 7 restart while Shatzer and Rumsey tried to hold off Jeff Miller Jr. through the second half of the race. Miller was able to garner a second place finish as he tried to close on Smith. A hard charging Darren Miller ran out of laps as he charged into the lead pack and was headed for the front in the closing laps settling for 3rd place.

Sixth through 10th went to Zach Newlin, Ken Duke Jr., Jonathan Jones, Drew Ritchey and Kassidy Kreitz.

Heats were taken by Shatzer, Darren Miller, Jeff Miller and Smith with Stephanie Dodson taking the consolation race.

305 sprints, 18 laps: 1. Kyle Smith, 2. Jeff Miller, 3. Darren Miller, 4. Christian Rumsey, 5. Dylan Shatzer, 6. Zach Newlin, 7. Ken Duke Jr., 8. Jonathan Jones, 9. Drew Ritchey, 10. Kassidy Kreitz, 11. Nick Sweigart, 12. John Scarborough, 13. Jaremi Hanson, 14. Kyle Ganoe, 15. Josh Dressler, 16. Reed Thompson, 17. Roger Irvine, 18. Colton Hoover, 19. Fred Arnold, 20. Erin Statler, 21. Stephanie Dodson, 22. Josh Guiher, 23. Andrew Hake, 24. Vincey Dougherty, 25. Wally Eshenaur

DNQ: Austin Bishop, Cody Hackenberry, Dave Guss Jr., Robert Garvey, Randy Sterling, Cory Thornton, Dave Wickham, Jacob Gomola, Jimmy White, Kirsten Hess, John Fiore, Cale Reigel, Matthew Kline, Dave Graber, Kurt Knepper


Newlin takes BAPS Victory

by: Track web site - 4/17/2018
Zach Newlin added another line to his 305 Sprint Car resume with a victory in the 20-lap feature.

Kyle Smith was impressive at the start and rocketed out front. He led the first 15 circuits before Newlin took over and led the rest of the way. Darrin Miller, Stephanie Dodson, seventh-place starter Ken Duke Jr., and Nick Sweigart completed the top five.

Kyle Ganoe was the hard charger, storming from 21st to sixth. John Scarborough, Smith, and Newlin were heat winners.

305 Sprint Car Feature Finish, 20 Laps: 1. Zach Newlin; 2. Darrin Miller; 3. Stephanie Dodson; 4. Ken Duke Jr.; 5. Nick Sweigart; 6. Kyle Ganoe; 7. Dave Grube; 8. Donnie Hendershot; 9. Drew Ritchey; 10. John Scarborough; 11. Jaremi Hanson; 12. Kirsten Hess; 13. Brandt Cook; 14. Erin Statler; 15. Wally Eshenaur; 16. Joshua Guiler; 17. Dave Wickham; 18. John Walp; 19. Jay Krout; 20. Kyle Smith; 21. Andrew Hake; 22. Billy Ney; 23. Colton Hoover.


Bishop wins Beer Hill Cup opener

by: Admin - 4/16/2018
In the 20-lap main event for the PASS 305 Sprints, Austin Bishop took the early lead from Drew Ritchey and John Scarborough. Former PASS champion Ken Duke Jr. took third from Scarborough with three laps completed.
Bishop held a comfortable lead over Ritchey and Duke Jr. as they reached the half-way point and slower traffic.
Bishop got through traffic without much trouble scoring the win over Ritchey, Duke Jr., Zach Newlin and Darren Miller. The non-stop time was 7:15.72. Dave Grube, Scott Lutz, Jaremi Hanson, Kyle Smith and Kyle Ganoe rounded out the top 10.
Scott Lutz, John Scarborough and Zach Newlin won the heat races.

305 Sprint Car Feature Finish, 20 laps: 1. Austin Bishop. 2. Drew Ritchey. 3. Ken Duke Jr. 4. Zach Newlin. 5. Darren Miller. 6. Dave Grube. 7. Scott Lutz. 8. Jaremi Hanson. 9. Kyle Smith. 10. Kyle Ganoe. 11. John Walp. 12. John Scarborough. 13. Jay Krout. 14. Kassidy Kreitz. 15. Stephanie Dodson. 16. Andrew Hake. 17. Colten Hoover. 18. Brad Mellott. 19. Fred Arnold. 20. Erin Statler. 21. Dave Wickham. DNS: Nathan Gramley, Steve Storrie


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