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The PA Sprint Series was established in 1998 and is a RaceSaver® Regional Series. RaceSaver® is a national standard established by French Grimes

and has grown to over 700 cars in numerous regions throughout the country.

petersRacing with the series is by invitation, the invitation process has helped ensure that teams understand that rules do not change. Essentially the rules package for the series remains exactly the same as it's inception in 1998.todd

The series started at Hesston and Path Valley speedway and has expanded to numerous

roushtracks with numerous races at Port Royal, Path Valley Clinton County and Susquehanna along with less frequent stops at other local tracks. Each year the goal has been to schedule one race every weekend and to try to fill every Saturday so that teams have plenty of opportunities and choices.

gramleyThis page features photos of many tams that have competed over the years.

Numerous local racers have risen from the ranks of the PA Sprints. While it has been used as a stepping stone for some teams the intent is to provide an affordable sprint car series for recreational racers that may otherwise not be able to afford to race. A competitive car can be purchased and assembled for under $15,000 and is about the same cost as in 1998.


New teams are encouraged to be exclusive to the series to help ensure existing teams that car counts would include only those that are committed to the series and to discourage teams from other series with big budgets from racing occasionally by installing a much less expensive RaceSaver® engine.howe

Car counts have never been a focus with the series, teams are encouraged to race when they want or can afford to race. A traditional points system will never be adopted by the series as this structure often leads to racers missing important family events to race.

davisIn 2012 the series adopted a unique championship system which allows racers to run just a portion of the schedule and still compete for a championship.

Teams are encouraged to submit their planned schedule on-line so tracks and fans know who they can expect to see at any race. With nearly 100 cars registered there is always adequate competition for a good race!mellott

The success of the RaceSaver® format has spawned additional regions in New York and in New Jersey and now in Western PA at Dog Hollow Speedway.

In 2012 Clinton County announced that they would be dropping their traditional sprint car schedule in favor of our more affordable format. Clinton County has committed to the same schedule in 2013 as they continue to support RaceSaver.

Central PA has been host to numerous Inter-regional RaceSaver events which allow attendance from other RaceSaver regions. In 2012 Port Royal hosted the first ever Keystone RaceSaver Challenge which had a $10,000 purse and was attended by 57 teams.

2013 marks the 15th anniversary season for the series many special events are planned for the season to celebrate the milestone.

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6 - Tim Kline
007 - Joey Wenger / Mike Beil
7w - Logan Wagner
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10H - Brandon Hetrick
11 - Mark Fasnacht
15 - Bobby Mazingo
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23j - Jim Roush
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20 - Chad Myers
36d - Wayne Dadetto
39B - Brock Bilger
40R - Rick Homan
43 - Mike Wenrick
44 - John Braim
44G - Scott Gobrecht
47k - Kody Lehman
51 - Freddie Rahmer
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66 - Gary Zimmerman
68m - Jim Moffett Jr.
74 - Vance Berry
84 - Cliff Conner
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