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NewsPhotoRFH Make-up and schedule update

by:Admin - 8/24/2014
Racing for Heroes has rescheduled their special race (originally scheduled during the fair week) to our next scheduled date of September 5th.

Our final race of the season there will be the 19th as they have dropped the October 3rd race,

Mike has already indicated for us to schedule for every other week in 2015

Our thanks to Mike Evock for a fantastic season at Racing for Heroes
NewsPhotoDice wins thriller to get first victory

by:Susquehanna Speedway - 8/18/2014
Colby Dice grabbed the lead from the front row at the start of the 20-lap PA Sprint Car feature. As Dice set the pace at the front, Mike Wagner Jr. began his drive to the front from a fifth place starting spot. On lap 12, Wagner moved into the runner-up spot by getting around Anthony Fiore. As Dice and Wagner came upon lapped traffic, the caution lap flew on lap 15. With a five lap dash to the finish, Wagner applied heavy pressure but could not make the pass for the win as Dice claimed victory. Fiore finished third with Kyle Lloyd in fourth. Ken Duke rounded out the top five at the end. Dice and Fiore won their respective heat races.

PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps): 1. Colby Dice; 2. Mike Wagner Jr.; 3. Anthony Fiore; 4. Kyle Lloyd; 5. Kenneth Duke; 6. Stephanie Stevens; 7. Eric Parker; 8. Ian Detweiler; 9. Derrick Bowersox; 10. Roger Irvine; 11. Tyler Lebo; 12. Brandt Cook; 13. Erin Statler; 14. John Bordlemay; 15. Randy Kaylor; 16. Russell Hammaker; DNS - Mark Watkins; Donnie Hendershot.
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Dice and Fiore.

NewsPhotoSchedule correction for 8/22

by:Admin - 8/16/2014
WE do not have a race next week at Racing for Heroes Raceway, they are on summer break. We originally had it on our schedule and didn't receive the update. Thanks to Alex Potosky for the update.
NewsPhotoFiore Repeats at SSP

by:Admin - 8/13/2014
In the 20-lap PA Sprint Series feature event, Colby Dice took the early lead from the pole position with heavy traffic directly behind him. A battle between Mike Wagner II and Anthony Fiore ensued for the runner-up spot. Wagner went for and captured the lead on lap 4 with Fiore scooting by Dice on lap 7 for the runner-up spot. Just past the midway point of the race, Fiore took the top spot away from Wagner on the 12th circuit. Fiore then set the pace and took his sprinter to the finish in the top spot with Wagner taking the runner-up spot at the end. Steve Storrie came from a last place starting spot to finish third, running out of laps to track down the leaders. Donnie Hendershot finished fourth with Dice completing the top five. Colby Dice and Wayne Dadetto were the heat race winners.

PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps): 1. Anthony Fiore; 2. Mike Wagner II; 3. Steve Storrie; 4. Donnie Hendershot; 5. Colby Dice; 6. Tyler Lebo; 7. Russell Hammaker; 8. Kyle Lloyd; 9. Randy Kaylor; 10. Erin Statler; 11. Rod Ort; 12. Brandt Cook; 13. John Bordlemay; 14. Wayne Dadetto; 15. Eric Parker; DNS – Andrew Hake.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Dice (1-3); Wagner (4-11); Fiore (12-20).
HEAT RACE WINNERS: Dice and Dadetto.

NewsPhotoPort Royal Speedway 8/23/14 - Worst Pill Draw

by:Christi Ort - 8/11/2014
As most of you know, this is my first year being involved with the PA Sprint Series. Over the past six months, I have formed so many friendships with the drivers, teams and fans. I am blessed to have formed these friendships and look forward to what the future holds.

As a thank you for welcoming me as part of your family and to celebrate my birthday this month, I am challenging all of our drivers/teams to make the trip to Port Royal Speedway on Saturday, August 23rd. I will give $50.00 to the driver who draws the worst pill. Let the fun begin!

Christi Ort

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