The Future of RaceSaver

by: Admin - 11/11/2015
RaceSaver® Enterprises is pleased to announce the acquisition of the RaceSaver® Sprint Series by Roger Hadan (Current Owner and Promoter of Eagle Raceway in Eagle, NE). Hadan said “Three years ago, I had a weekly sprint car class at Eagle Raceway that was struggling with it’s car count due to rising cost. After having 50 different sets of sprint car rules spread out across my living room floor, trying to find rules that were enforceable, I discovered RaceSaver® . So that is the direction we took. Three years later, here I am with a weekly RaceSaver® Sprint car division that is drawing 30 or more cars most nights. We want to let everyone know that we are going to uphold to the fine tradition of the RaceSaver® Sprint Series and hopefully expand the series even further. French Grimes has had a truly excellent run in providing affordable competition in a class where costs are escalating constantly and making it difficult for the budget racer to have equal footing. We will do everything in our power to ensure that there will always be sprint car racing for the teams and fans.”

Mr. Hadan has obtained the rights to the name RaceSaver®, and will be overseeing all media relations, sponsorships, hard card applications etc for the series. IMCA will be the official sanctioning body again in 2016 and beyond.

French Grimes, who was the originator of the series in 1997, will retain his position as the face of RaceSaver®. He will also be relied on to establish and oversee all rules and regulations as well as having the final word on all tech related issues.

French said, “RaceSaver® has grown to well over 1,000 cars because of the hard work and dedication of all of our regional directors and their competitors. The vision was, and is, to preserve racing for racers from working families. My responsibility is to try to make sure that the future of RaceSaver® is protected. Roger Hadan and I started working together 3 years ago. Roger is responsible for paving the way for the association of IMCA and RaceSaver® , which brought all of the benefits of IMCA membership. Roger has proven that he is a man of character and a true believer in RaceSaver® . Roger is the right man to move RaceSaver® forward. Our contract transfers the RaceSaver® name, trademarks, and business interests to Roger. I will remain in control of RaceSaver® rules and standards, distribution of RaceSaver® cylinder heads, and the technical inspection process, including determining the inspection standards, choosing the inspectors, and assuring that the engine has the correct serial number, seal numbers, and is owned by the correct person or entity.”

Hard Card applications should from now on be sent to:

RaceSaver® Enterprises

PO Box 17

Bennington, NE 68007

Roger Hadan’s Phone Number: 402-238-2595

Roger Hadan’s Fax number: 402-238-3768

For Technical Questions contact French Grimes:

French Grimes Phone Number: 540-923-4541

French Grimes Fax: 540-923-4540

For Sanctioning info:

Jim Standard (IMCA): 319-472-2201
Harrisburg Flea Market

by: Rod Ort - 11/6/2015
We'll be attending the Harrisburg Flea market this weekend if teams wish to interview or have questions. If you want to meet up call rod at 717-938-5444 between 7 and ???10 pm
Banquet ticket deadline approaches!

by: Admin - 10/26/2015
With less than a week to go our ticket count has topped 80! We need to give a final count on Monday so you MUST has payment to Christi by Sunday November the 1st!

We've added a pay pal link on our web site to submit payment for those that don't want to mail.

The banquet is Saturday December 5th and we'll have dinner along with trophy presentations for at least our top 10 along with some special prizes. Sponsors that wish to contribute door prizes please contact Christi.

We'll have DJ on hand and we're pleased to welcome Mike Donald from Path Valley as our master of ceremonies! It will be a fun evening celebrating a great year and looking forward to 2016. Don't miss your chance to get in on the fun!

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